Residential Property

Let your residents live and sleep with a peace of mind knowing trained officers are looking out for their best interest.

Commercial / Retail Property

We will work directly with management and retail staff in order to reduce theft and property damage, showing customers that safety is a priority concern.

Events / Venues

Planning an event? Let our trained professionals help you organize the security and safety aspects and show a presence to attendees.

Personal Protection

We provide formulated protection detail so that our clients can go about their social and business engagements in a secured space.

SSI Protection Security Contractors in USA

Here at SSI Protection, we always strive to provide the best security services. We credit our accomplishments to proper management, supervision and training of our officers and the development and execution of sensible security programs. We maintain excellent communication with local law enforcement agencies that help us deliver a better service to our clients.

We firmly believe that the training, selection and placement of our personnel are an integral part in producing superior customer service and quality. Security officers we provide are highly trained, licensed, bonded and competent in their duties.

SSI Protection maintains liability insurance that far exceed the minimum levels required by DCJS (Dept. of Criminal Justice Services). A copy of the insurance certificate will be provided before commencing operations.

As a licensed full-service security company, we maintain the proper staff documentation, training records, incident records and insurance records to provide our clients with the highest level of protection under the law and protect them against unjust litigation.

The ultimate service for your individual or organization’s transportation needs.